• Pittsburgh Opera (map)
  • 2425 Liberty Avenue
  • Pittsburgh, PA, 15222
  • United States

SEGMENT I — 3:30–6PM

The Pittsburgh Sax Quartet. Music by Fred Ho, Ben Opie, and Ben Barson

Antithesis (CAPA high school's new music ensemble), directed by Lenny Young

Annie Hui-hsin Hsieh: Quietude, for two percussionists and objects. Performed by Abby Langhorst and Zach Mattes (Alia Musica Pittsburgh)

Susan Kuo / David Bernabo: Sound, movement, multi-instruments

Luciano Berio: Sequenza IXa. Performed by Allyson Edington (NAT 28)

Kassia Ensemble. Music by Caroline Shaw, Gabriela Frank, and Rebecca Clarke.



John Ivory. Modern sounds and experimental beats.
Wolftrap. Voice, violin, bass, and electronics, with music by James Tenney and Ryan McMasters
Ben Opie. Music for saxophone and computer by Jesse Stilles

Nimikry (Italy). Viola, flute, and technology. New fields of noise pop, classical remix, and experimental electronics