Compōs-it Opera is a proto-opera company focused on the rapid prototyping of musical drama and the fostering of student collaborations. This year, the festival features eight chamber operas of various lengths by eight teams of student creators.

• Friday, November 16th @ 8–10pm in the Jared L. Cohon University Center Studio Theater •

Deed of Trust – by Russell Henry Holbert
Music Director: Andrew Hook
Stage Director: Sydney Roslin
Starring: Ben Cherington, Colleen Michelle McGovern, Megan Mateosky, Sophie Carpenter

Regenesis – by Ziyu Wang & Daniel Burns
Music Director: Evan Neely
Stage Director: Rachel Pospíšil
Starring: Kristina Marie & Jacqueline Tardanico

• Saturday, November 17th @ 5–7pm in the College of Fine Arts Alumni Concert Hall •

An Empirical Setting of Memory – by Clayton Brown & Brennan Brown
Music Director: Jordan Speranzo
Stage Director: Maxine Ewing
Starring: Alyssa Vieau & Jun Yang

On Our Street – by Zach Ritter & Sydney Roslin
Music Director: Alexander Chen
Stage Director: Nora Gair
Starring: Alex Aks, Erica D'Ancona, Ian Young, & Sophia Masterson

PETROV – by Ivan Plazacic & Alex Taylor
Music Director: Caleb Glickman
Stage Director: Padra Crisafulli
Starring: Joseph Sandler

Starsong – by Elliot Yokum & Sarah Florence Barker
Music Director: Emma McAlister
Stage Director: Kai Huizenga
Starring: Anna Sophia Boyd, Emily Gallagher, & Taylor Troyer

Virgula Divina – by Karen Brown & Jessica Lanay Smith
Music Director: Edward Leonard
Stage Director: Padra Crisafulli
Starring: Daniel Brennan, Hannah Wolfe, & Jacqueline Tardanico